Are you looking for tricks to win money quickly and easily at slot machines? Then you will find interesting information here about which slot machine tricks there are and which of them work at all. In addition, there are a lot of tips that you can certainly use in your daily play. In addition, there is a short insight into the topic of how machines can be manipulated.

Outsmarting slot machines – is that possible at all?

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Every gambler knows the stories and rumours of special tricks that can be used to manipulate machines and empty them so easily. Especially long is the list of tips and tricks for the most popular and most played slot machines. And how could you earn your money easier and more fun than playing slots? However, what sounds so dreamy is not so easy to do – and of course, it brings a lot of problems, especially legal ones.

Before we get started, I would like to make one thing clear. I am in no way calling for manipulation or fraud on vending machines. I just want to show here what was and is possible and which tips and tricks work and which do not work with slot machines. At the same time, I would like to warn against offers on the Internet, which sell alleged tricks or offer them for free. These are certainly fraud – and on you!

Yes, slot machines can be manipulated

The past has shown that this is possible. There are quite a few news reports about more or less successful fraud attempts. Details are rare, firstly because this usually requires a deeper technical understanding from the reader and secondly because of course one wants to avoid imitators.

The history of slot machine manipulation is already easily 50 years long. The slot machines themselves were invented much earlier, but at that time they tended to offer non-cash prizes such as cigarettes, sweets, drink vouchers or chewing gum. The money game did not spread until the second half of the 20th century when the machines no longer worked purely mechanically but became more reliable and interesting with electromechanical systems.

The question of (fraud) security was not such a big issue back then. There wasn’t much experience with fraud at the time. But it didn’t take long for the first players to start thinking about how to crack these systems and make easy money. The quite simple mechanics and electrics offered many gateways into the system for resourceful tinkerers to manipulate it to their advantage.

Even today, it is still possible to manipulate slot machines. However, a prerequisite for this is deep insider knowledge of how the individual systems work. Simple tricks with simple magnets or the like have not worked for a long time.

Manipulated cash insertion / ejection


A popular method was to manipulate the money insertion so that the machine registers credit that was not inserted at all. The best-known track is the coin on the thread, which is pulled out again after counting the famous buttons in the size of common coins. Since coins used to be weighed after insertion to determine their value, this was certainly still possible. But the mechanisms for insertion quickly evolved and even the trick with the thread was no longer so easy to do because the design no longer allowed backward movement of the coins. Today, the mechanics are combined with a lot of electronics, which allows very reliable detection of valid coins.

Manipulated money insertion – gambling for free

Manipulation of the money insertion

The coin slot passes the information about the inserted money to the actual game. You can either trick the coin slot itself or manipulate the information of the coin slot to the system.

Manipulated coin ejection – winning without playing

Manipulated coin ejection

The same applies to coin ejection. The machine sends an appropriate signal to the coin hopper or ejection mechanism during the payout. If you can infiltrate this signal, you can trigger a payout independently of the actual game.

Another approach is to manipulate the money output. This is usually triggered from the system, but if the player knows how to do this, they can “help” it along. In some cases, magnets were used for this, directly affecting the dispensing mechanism. But some systems were based on optical systems that tricked players with targeted flashes of light in the output tray. Based on the experience of the last 50 years, the security measures at this point of the machines are very extensive. Fraud is hardly possible here.