Strategy often makes the difference between winning and losing. So, it’s no surprise that betting tips are among the most sought-after info in soccer betting. In Germany, most sports betting focuses on the betting on football. Of course, the bookmakers have already recognized this and offer a variety of betting tips. With which strategy there are the best chances of winning, we show below.

Strategy 1: Bet on a draw


Why always bet on a win? Even betting on a draw offers success, moreover, the odds here are known to be particularly high. However, to make profits, it is necessary to choose the right games to bet on a draw. For this purpose, there is a certain procedure that allows you to succeed quickly.

First of all, you have to choose a team, the league is irrelevant. However, players should not choose a top favourite, but rather pick a team from the midfield. With these teams, the games usually end in a draw. The players then bet on a draw for the next match. The odds here are usually 3. xx – which means that the players win three times the bet on a draw.

If the match on which the bet was placed does not end in a draw, then this procedure is repeated on the next match of the previously selected team. Now, if you have bet correctly, then you still win a third of the original winnings. If this bet also fails, you start a third attempt. If the match does not end in a draw even the third time, then a fourth bet is placed, but with an increased stake. If the game still does not end in a draw, the strategy is continued. In practice, however, more games end in a draw than you might think and therefore the chances of winning with this strategy are not bad.

Strategy 2: Bet on favourites

Especially in soccer betting, many players opt for this strategy. In addition, this approach is also very suitable for beginners, as it offers a calculable risk. However, the disadvantages of this variant are the rather low betting odds and the rather low profits. Nevertheless, it is a good option for the beginning to get a feel for the matter.

Strategy 3: Betting on late goals

football betting

Also widely used is betting on late goals. For successful betting, players must choose games with a favourite that usually wins by a few goals difference.

Strategy 4: Over and under betting

Many players do not want to commit to an exact result. Over and under bets are not about an exact result, but just a tendency of how the game will end. In this strategy, players bet on the number of goals in the match. However, they do not have to give an exact number for this, but only estimate whether the game will end with “more than xx” or “less than xx” goals. Especially for betting beginners, the over and under bets offer a safe way to be able to make profits.

Strategy 5: The strategy with different bookmakers

The safest, but also the most elaborate strategy is the strategy, when the player searches out different odds at different bookmakers and bets on all variations of the betting outcome. In this way, it is ensured that the player will make a profit in any case. However, this variant is very time-consuming and requires appropriate experience from the players.